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Special offer... NICE-PRICE
10 vinyls, assorted titles / various Artists, as follows:

Gravkvade 'Grav Aska'
Nyss 'Dépayser'
Progenie Terrestre Pura 'starCross'
Void of Silence ‘the sky over’
Drown into Descent 'the endless endavour'
Against Human Plague 'Forakt hat og Dod'
Neige et Noirceur 'vent fantome'
Borgne [∞]
Circle of Salt 'suffer the cold'
Psicosfera 'Beta'

70.00€ + postage
Due to the weight of this box (5 kg) we can offer this to a selected list of countries (to avoid that shipping would cost more than the vinyls themselves). Please order only if your country appears in the shipping options menu, otherwise please contact us and we will tell you a specific price
With some countries shipping is cool and coherent with the nice-price offer, i.e.:
DE, NL, ES, UK: 15.00€
CH: 12.00€
FR 13.00€
BE CZ AT DK IR 15.00€
ITA 10.00€
GR 20.00€
NOR SWE 25.00€
US, CA. JP 35.00€

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