• Image of Selvans 'Hirpi' digisleeve CD
  • Image of Selvans 'Hirpi' digisleeve CD

300 copies only
Half of the pressing will be sold by the band at some special live events:
April 22 Ride’n’Roll – Chieti, ITALY
April 23 Traffic Club – Roma, ITALY
April 27 Le Rat’s – Nice, FRANCE
April 28 Jack Jack – Lyon, FRANCE

The other 150 goes on sale here and the other Avantgarde Music stores exclusively.
As usual, all (pre)orders placed before release date benefit of a FREE SHIPPING promo!
In other words: Postage Paid Worldwide

** Album infos:
While Selvans are full time working on the second full-length, Avantgarde Music is going to celebrate the closing of the first chapter of the band activity with a special release (for the meaning and the feature): the live album 'Hirpi'.
The album consists of four tracks covering the three Selvans releases plus the live cover of Draugr's 'Furore Pagano' as a tribute to the past.

1 – Lupercale
2 – Hirpi Sorani
3 – O Clitumne!
4 – Furore Pagano (Draugr cover)
5 – Pater Surgens

The album has been recorded during two live performances in Pescara: on April, 23rd 2016, during a special concert in memory of Jonny Morelli - Selvans former singer and drummer - and on December, 16th of the same year.
The line-up is Haruspex and Fulguriator plus live session musicians: Acheron (guitar), Cordyceps M (bass) and HK (drums).
Draugr's ex members Triumphator (guitar) and Stolas (bass) joined Selvans on stage to perform 'Furore Pagano'.
The Faun's procession on the artwork

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