• Image of Selvans 'Faunalia' Limited Edition Wooden-Box CD

100 copies limited and numbered edition: comes in a natural-wood box, including the A5 digipack CD itself plus a comprehensive set of gadgets covering the whole 'Faunalia' concept and aesthetic. As they are partially handmade and crafted, every copy is sort of one of a kind.

** Official album release date November, 2nd, this wooden box will ship approx november 22
*** Bandcamp affiliates can get a free download code from us by email long before getting their own woodbox CD at home!

(..) If you’re looking for an album where a progressive, solemn touch blends with ravaging black metal, where neofolk meets the cinematic orchestral tradition, where the line between history and superstition blurs, your search has now come to an end: Selvans Faunalia is finally here.

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