• Image of Funeral Oration 'Eliphas Love' LP vinyl (Red or Black)
  • Image of Funeral Oration 'Eliphas Love' LP vinyl (Red or Black)

in PREORDER now..... Release date 07/09/2019
LP with full color printed cover and innersleeve
100 copies in Red vinyl and 100 copies in black

Optionally you can get also a CD listening copy (pro glass-mastered CD, with printed label, in white paper envelope, no digipack of course)

23 years (!) after their debut album 'Sursum Luna', italian iconoclasts are back with a new album: 'Eliphas Love'.

More than two decades threw us back a band in full inspiration and glory, again adorned of religious aesthetics and lyrical contents, driven by former members Luca La Cara (main composer and guitarist) e The Old Nick (on vocals and rants).
For the good, this long switch-off from the active music had at least the positive aspect to have them preserving a pretty much original and unique sound, distant from all trends coming and going in this music scene.