• Image of Earth and Pillars 'Pillars I' DOUBLE CD
  • Image of Earth and Pillars 'Pillars I' DOUBLE CD

'Pillars I' Limited Edition (200 copies, not be reprinted)

Double (8 panels) A5 digipack, including 2 (A5) booklets and 2 discs.

Together with the new album itself the band is delivering another full length album titled 'Towards the Pillars': initially planned as another vision / interpretation of the the main album but recorded with synths and keyboards, week after week 'Towards the Pillars' developed to such unexpected depths and atmospheres, taking distance from the basic structure of his father album and becoming by all means a rather different sidereal journey.
'Towards the Pillars' is (and will be) included only in this 200 copies edition of 'Pillars I'.

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