• Image of Darkspace 'Dark Space I' 2LP
  • Image of Darkspace 'Dark Space I' 2LP
  • Image of Darkspace 'Dark Space I' 2LP

Double LP, gatefold cover with embossing on front and back

Important note about shipping to overseas customers: shipping charges for this LP (due to weight exceeding 500 grams) are insane to destinations extra Europe.
BUT (!) we have a chance to have this shipped at european postage rates even to US, Canada, Australia, Japan, wherever, with no geo-area differences, through a foreign shipping groupage company partnership.
So this is a message to all overseas customers: if interested to cut your postage cost 50%, please just send us an email to orders@sound-cave.com with your order and full address and we will bill you (paypal) accordingly.
Please note though, there is a "price" to pay for this money saving: these groupage parcels are collected ONCE a week only, therefore your shipping might even take 5 to 7 days more only to be picked-up if you order came-in just after the previous parcels collection.
Mind this!!
If you can wait, then you should definitely choose this option!
Rates to european customers are actually the same instead, so you can place an order directly

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