• Image of Abigor 'kingdom of darkness' 7" black vinyl with Imhotep Magazine

This sale offer includes both Abigor ep and Imhotep magazine.
Please note, total weight is close to 500 grams due to the thickness of the mag

NWN has released Norway´s IMHOTEP magazine for the US, and Abigor joined the project by re-recording the most important ABIGOR hymn, Kingdom Of Darkness.
Tharen (back then called Rune), who already did the 1993 demo version, was asked to contribute the vocals. But not performing like he does on the excellent new AMESTIGON album, rather bringing back the atmosphere of the original. This turned out excellent and won´t be anything like the useless „modernized“ re-recordings but a true glimpse into the past.
Abigor's aim was to flare the original flame of the old days, as statement concerning the present BM scene, somehow disoriented in parts, lacking the ancient extremism and danger. Kingdom Of Darkness was reckless and uncompromising, just as Black Metal has to be. To underline this, Mr. Unhold has contributed passionate screams of torture and of victory.

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