• Image of Abigor 'Höllenzwang' LP + 'Black Icarus' shaped picture EP / Bundle
  • Image of Abigor 'Höllenzwang' LP + 'Black Icarus' shaped picture EP / Bundle

*** update 7/6/2018
After shipping all preorders we have the chance to share reserve copies

There's two options here:

a) as it was/is meant to be: bundle 'Höllenzwang' LP + 'black Icarus' EP
b) 'Black Icarus' EP only for those who already have ordered the LP from us or can proove LP purchase from other dealers (i.e.. Iron bonehead, High Roller Records etc)


Update March, 2: due to huge demand and immediate sell-out of the initial preorder slot, we have decided to increase the edition to 333 copies (instead of 200)
Taken-off the copies for the band and label's entourage, this makes it a whole 300 copies on the market

*** OBVIOUSLY, If you did preorder the LP meanwhile this bundle was not available, you can of course ask for a refund of the LP order and take the bundle offer now

'Black Icarus / Metamorphosis' is a shaped picture EP featuring 2 non-album tracks, released in 200 copies only.
During preorder this is offered only to those who purchase a copy of the 'Höllenzwang' LP
If after preorder time any copies will be left, they will be put on sale separately

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