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Mare Cognitum / Aureole 'Resonance: Crimson Void' digi CD


1.Mare Cognitum - Crimson Abyss: NGC 2237 13:44
2.Mare Cognitum - Crimson Abyss: NGC 2238 05:20
3.Aureole - Void Obsidian: NGC 2244 08:58
4.Aureole - Void Obsidian: NGC 2246 13:04

Transmissions received in II-0-I-IIII have been fully transcribed. A greater understanding of Citadel Alunar has been achieved.

Aureole and Mare Cognitum express the knowledge they have gathered over the course of 41 minutes.

Cover art by the immensely talented Nightjar Illustration.

Beware that which inhabits the Bell Tower...