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Enisum 'Seasons of Desolation' Limited Fan box edition


We have an handful of boxes left from unpaid reservations, please carefully check the tshirt size availability before purchase!

Fan-Box edition, limited and numbered to 100.

This item is in preorder status!
As usual, to give you back something for your trust and advanced payment, we are offering this now at 29.00€, final price, post-paid everywhere.
After release date prices will be set to 12.00€ (+shipping cost) for the CD and 15.00€ (+shipping cost) for the T-Shirt
That would make the bundle at least 37.00€ expensive, plus you get the extras:

The Enisum FanBox includes:
'Seasons of Desolation' A5 digipack
'Seasons of Desolation' T-Shirt (please choose your size!)
A miniature-bottle of Génépi liquor (*), with an Enisum custom printed label

Shipping date is approximately planned for 30.03.2017 although official album release date is set to 22.04.2017
So you will get it plenty of time in advance!

(*) Génépi or génépy (in French) or genepì (in Italian ) is a traditional herbal liqueur or aperitif popularized in the Alpine regions of Europe. Genepi also refers to alpine plants of the genus Artemisia (commonly called wormwood) that provide the liqueur's flavor and color, and the French Savoy region adjacent to the Aosta Valley, where the plants grow and where the beverage originated.